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The following links provide addition information about the editor. If you know of other links that deserve to be on this page, please let me know (jed at jedsoft org). -- Documentation and various macros. -- documentation and various modes including an abc music mode, a mode for editing Docbook SGML files, ... -- Abz's tips, links and jed modes. Various extra jed modes for jed (postgres, cisco IOS, etc.), various tips to squeeze the most out of jed and links to some of the most helpful jed sites around can be found here. -- Some modes for editing assembler. -- A mode for editing PHP files. -- S-Lang macros for jed and slrn. -- A LaTeX mode -- A mode designed to facilitate the editing of email and Usenet messages. It provides reflowing of paragraphs while keeping the citation char (e.g., >) at the start of lines, as well as dequoting/requoting of regions. -- A set of S-Lang functions that provide tab completion for java buffers.> -- Modes for for xml, scheme and inform -- Binaries for the Windows version of Jed & S-Lang, Windows-specific patches, and personalised configuration files -- A number of useful macros from Dave Kuhlman

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