Version 0.2.1  

S-Lang cURL Module


The S-Lang curl module makes use of the cURL library to provide the S-Lang interpreter the ability to transfer files in a simple but robust manner using a variety of protocols including FTP and HTTP.

See the module's online documentation for more information about it.

A gzipped tar file containing the latest development version may be downloaded from, where you will also find a link to the public source code repository.

A simple example of its use is provided by a S-Lang script called translate, located in the demo subdirectory of the source distribution. This script sends a user provided phrase to for translation. Simply run it run it to obtain a usage message:

     translate [--to lang-out] lang-in [phrase|-]
For example, to translate ``Hola Mundo'' from Spanish to English use:
     translate spanish Hola Mundo
and to translate ``Hola Mundo'' to French use:
     translate --to french spanish Hola Mundo
It is also possible to use the script in a pipeline to play word games:
     translate --to spanish english Boy meets girl | \
        translate --to french spanish | translate french

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